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Rishi Sunak is decided to stamp out an “anti-maths mindset” within the UK as he persists in his “maths to 18” coverage.

To enhance the numerical literacy of younger folks, the prime minister immediately set out additional particulars of his plan to make sure all pupils in England examine maths till the age of 18.

Below present guidelines maths schooling ends with GCSE examinations at age 16 and many individuals select to not examine the topic additional.

Mr Sunak has additionally pledged to introduce a brand new qualification for major faculty maths academics and improve the variety of Maths Hubs.

With the renewed concentrate on Yr 6 maths, we wish to see when you might nonetheless go your maths SATs. Reply the ten questions beneath to check your information.

Query 1

A pack of paper has 150 sheets. 4 youngsters every take 7 sheets. What number of sheets of paper are left within the packet?

Query 2

What’s 444 minutes in hours and minutes?

Query 3

Maria bakes truffles and sells them in luggage. She makes use of this method to work out how a lot to cost for one bag of truffles. Price = variety of truffles × 20p + 15p for the bag.

How a lot will a bag of 12 truffles value?

Query 4

Here’s a quantity written in Roman numerals. CVX. Write the quantity in figures.

Query 5

A bag of 5 lemons prices £1. A bag of 4 oranges prices £1.80. How way more does one orange value than one lemon?

Query 6

Two decimal numbers add collectively to equal 1. One of many numbers is 0.007. What’s the different quantity?

Query 7

Lara chooses a quantity lower than 100. She divides it by 3 after which subtracts 11. She then divides this outcome by 2. Her reply is 10.5. What was the quantity she began with?

Query 8

The world of a rugby pitch is 6,108 sq. metres. A soccer pitch measures 112 metres lengthy and 82 metres large. How a lot bigger is the world of the soccer pitch than the world of the rugby pitch?

Query 9

Giant pizzas value £8.50 every. Small pizzas value £6.75 every. 5 youngsters collectively purchase one giant pizza and three small pizzas. They share the price equally. How a lot does every baby pay?

Query 10

On Saturday Lara learn two-fifths of her ebook. On Sunday she learn the opposite 90 pages to complete the ebook. What number of pages are there in Lara’s ebook?

Rishi Sunak plans to make sure all pupils examine some type of maths till the age of 18



1. 122

2. 7 hours and 24 minutes

3. £2.55

4. 115

5. 25p

6. 0.993

7. 96

8. 3076 sq. metres

9. £5.75

10. 150 pages

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