What occurred when a metropolis embraced profession training — science weblog

GREENVILLE, S.C. — The brown paper bag hit the bottom with a smack. A Michelin engineer picked it up off the concrete and opened it, revealing a cracked, leaking egg. The third graders at A.J. Whittenberg Elementary Faculty of Engineering groaned in disappointment once they noticed the runny mess. Then, they made approach for the subsequent group of scholars, who had been desirous to drop their very own bag from the staircase in hope of a special outcome.

A espresso filter parachute was hooked up to the bag, and inside, an egg sat nestled in cotton balls. The scholars had been anxious to see if the paper contraption they constructed would blunt, or not less than gradual, the egg’s fall.

Alas, it didn’t. “Scrambled eggs!” the engineer known as out.

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